Panda Mania slot machine

Panda Mania

Panda Mania The slot machine is a real mood spreader, with its beautiful, colorful and very vivid graphics. You almost can’t help but smile when you see a flying panda on a bicycle, with balloons tied to his back, passing across the screen, and with a slap to one of the symbols, the symbol turns into a joker , which can replace the symbol you were missing for a win.

Where do you find the machine and is it difficult to get started playing on it?

You can find the machine on Tivoli Casino’s website:, it is the only place that gives you the opportunity to play on this exciting, colorful and very entertaining slot machine.

If you have not previously played on one of Tivoli Casino’s gaming machines, you must start by registering as a user. It is free to register as a user at Tivoli Casino. You get a personal user account where you must use your Nem ID to log in every time you want to play at Tivoli Casino, Nem ID gives you the assurance that only you can access your user account.

You can start by playing a free version of the Panda Mania slot until you feel like you’ve gotten to know it. However, you cannot win money when playing the free version of the game.

When you feel ready to bet real money, you can go back to the lobby and choose the money version.

First, however, you must deposit money into your personal user account.

There is a 100% bonus on the first deposit of up to DKK 1,000. This means that you immediately get double the amount to play for on the first deposit. So you have the opportunity to get up to DKK 1,000 extra on your first deposit at Tivoli Casino.

It is very easy to deposit and withdraw money from the gaming account when you want to play on the Panda Mania slot machine. You can deposit money with your Mastercard, Visa card or Dankort. When you have won and the balance on your gaming account is DKK 100 or more, you can request to have the money you have earned paid out to the bank account you use when you deposit money into your gaming account.

However, the bonus must be played through a few times before it can be paid out. You can read more about this on Tivoli Casino’s website. However, once the bonus has been played through according to the terms of the bonus, it can also be paid out together with the winnings you have won by playing for your bonus.

Do you have more questions for Tivoli Casino? Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tivoli Casino in this article.

A little about the winning possibilities

winning possibilities

You can choose whether you want to play on 1 line, and just bet 10 øre per line. spin or whether you want to play on all 25 lines and bet up to DKK 20 per line that costs DKK 500 per spin. You therefore have the opportunity to adjust your bet, depending on how much you want to bet. The more you bet per spin, the higher the win you can win.

Panda Mania:

If you find at least 3 scatter symbols “Panda Mania”, you win 10 free spins with double win. It can give quite a nice profit when the 10 spins are counted together.

In addition, you win your bet back up to 100 times, depending on whether you find 2, 3, 4, or 5 “Panda Mania” symbols. Think for a moment if you play for DKK 500 per spin, and you hit 5 “Panda Mania” symbols, then you get DKK 50,000 + the 10 free bonus spins with double winnings. But you can also win a nice profit at DKK 20 per spin if you hit the 5 “Panda Mania” symbols: DKK 2,000 + the winnings from the 10 bonus spins with double winnings.

Pick Me:

If you find 3 “Pick Me” symbols, you can actually be lucky enough to get up to 3 big wins. You have to choose one of the symbols, and if you are lucky, in addition to a nice win, there will be an opportunity to choose another one of the symbols and maybe there is also 1 extra “pick” hidden with the win under the next symbol. You can therefore end up with a win for all 3 symbols – it’s not that crazy. The winnings under the “Pick Me” symbols get bigger depending on how much you bet per game. spin

The “Wild” symbol:

If you hit 2,3,4,or 5 “Wild” symbols, you win back your bet from 10 to 3000 times. For an effort of DKK 20 per spin, you can therefore win DKK 60,000 if you hit 5 “Wild” symbols. A stake of DKK 500 per spin, will trigger a profit of DKK 1.5 million.

In addition, the “Wild” symbol acts as a “Joker”, which replaces a symbol with the symbol you are missing, to get a winning combination. When the “Wild” symbol is included in a winning combination, it triggers double the winnings for the combination.

Other winning combinations:

The Panda Mania slot also has the option of other winning combinations that give smaller wins but occur more often.

You can win by finding 3 or more of these symbols: 9,10,J,Q,K,1 as well as the picture symbols: Bicycle cart with balloons, candy bag, Zoo tickets and pet sitters.

Tivoli Casino has many popular slot machines, but two in particular stand out. Tivoli Bonanza, which has a jackpot of over 3 million. DKK is Tivoli Casino’s most popular slot machine. Besides this slot, Jimi Hendrix is also a really fun slot machine. We have made a review of the slot machines, which you can find by clicking on the links.

Is Panda Mania for you?

Is Panda Mania for you

If you like Pandas and want excitement and entertainment, combined with the possibility of big wins, then the Panda Mania slot is definitely for you.

Its various in-game bonus games make playing Panda Mania never boring.

You can play on the machine for a bet you choose yourself, Panda Mania allows you to vary the bet from 10 øre – 500 DKK per bet. spin so everyone can join.

So if you would like to have the opportunity to win a big prize that might make your big dream of owning a house, traveling around the world, a car or the big party come true – all you have to do is get started. Maybe you are the next lucky winner of the big prize.

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