Consider a bookmaker with live streaming

live streaming

Now that you have almost free choice on all shelves with recognized bookmakers, you might consider playing with a bookmaker that has live streaming. Many Danes are tired of having to pay a lot of money for an expensive TV package. Sports fans eventually have to throw away a lot of money to be able to watch all sports on TV. Therefore, it may be a good idea to sign up with a sports welcome bonus at a bookmaker that has live streaming.

Not all bookmakers have this option. Often only the biggest betting sites allow you to watch live streaming. If you want live streaming, it is also important that you check the selection. For example, it may be that a certain bookmaker does not show specific sports in Denmark. Regardless, you can typically be on the safe side by going for a recognized bookmaker with up to several thousand live streaming events each year.

It is usually simple to gain access to live streaming at a bookmaker that offers just that. In the vast majority of cases, you must have an account, and you get that by signing up with a welcome bonus, for example. Next, you usually need to have a minimum balance in your account. Typically, it is set low at between DKK 100 and 200, and you will often already have that amount on hand, as you probably set up your sports betting account to bet on sports bets and you have to use real money there.

Sports betting is often another solution to gain access to sports streaming. Many bookmakers provide access to their football, tennis, golf streaming etc. by placing a bet within 24 hours before the start of the match. Here we recommend making sure to place the bet around 15-20 hours before the event starts, so you can make sure you get it all.

Regardless, you should check the conditions if you choose to sign up with a welcome bonus at a bookmaker that has sports live streaming.

Do you bet with a mobile app?

bet with a mobile app

bonus mobile iphone Most people eventually choose to place sports bets via a smartphone or a tablet. Many times it is easy and simple in your mobile browser. But maybe you prefer a mobile app. If so, you should look to sign up with a welcome bonus at a bookmaker that has one.

Not all betting sites choose to design a mobile application. There can be several different reasons, but it is not necessarily the most important. The important thing is that you choose to sign up with a bonus at a bookmaker that has a sports betting app.

It may be that you prefer not to have to enter the URL in your mobile browser. You may also prefer an app where you can add certain sports or leagues to favorites. Many times tipsters also choose to download a mobile app, as it is an option to avoid logging in with NemID in Denmark. When you create an account with a welcome bonus at a bookmaker with a Danish license, you must always verify your identity with NemID within 30 days. It must be done via a desktop version. You can then enjoy placing sports bets with your mobile app without having to log in with NemID, as betting on your smartphone is not a requirement. It’s a smart little trick that makes many people prefer sports betting with, for example, an iPhone or an Android phone.

Make sure there is good support

good support

Before we look at the different types of welcome bonus, it is also important to emphasize how important it is that there is good support. The best bookmakers that we have mentioned above all have excellent support. It is now rare that you actually need to receive support. But should you need help, it is always a good idea to be able to contact the live chat or send an e-mail and get a quick response from customer service.

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