In 2015, Microsoft bought Wunderlist, a very popular app that was used to create lists of tasks and have them on different connected devices. From this application, Microsoft decided to create his own list with the name of To-Do, Microsoft To-Do or Microsoft To-Do. And after several years, this new application is already mature. The purpose of Microsoft To-Do is to be our basic application to know what we have to do, what we have to buy, organize ideas and projects, etc. In short, manage our daily, personal and professional.

to do

Available free for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPad, Android and in an online version for the browser, Microsoft To-Do can be used independently, although it is also integrated with other Microsoft applications such as Outlook or similar. Let’s see how it works and what reasons it gives us to give it a try and use it on our connected devices.


  • To-do lists are one of the simplest but at the same time one of the most useful tools we have at hand to download ideas, tasks or anything we have to do from our minds without having to remember it for ourselves.
  • And as with many applications like that, Microsoft To-Do has decided to bet on simplicity, something that made its predecessor Wunderlist popular.
  • Simple and fast Adding items to the lists or creating a new list is as effective as possible since sometimes we must make them on the fly.

For any platform

microsoft to do

Obviously, at this point, a productivity application is useless if the information it manages is not accessible everywhere. In this sense, Microsoft To-Do can be used on computers and mobile devices of the most popular platforms, as well as access our lists from the browser. And thanks to our user account, that information will be automatically synchronized to be available and updated at all times.

To your liking

  • Simple but customizable. Microsoft To Do plays with colors and backgrounds to customize our lists and tasks. Thanks to these decorative elements we can differentiate the lists, even use icons or emojis, own images, etc.
  • The objective is to associate colors to certain contexts, personal, work, concrete projects, free time, meetings, ideas for future projects, etc. And with the funds, we will do more our Microsoft To Do while we add, mark or edit a task.
  • In addition, it has a dark mode, so popular in mobile and desktop operating systems to work better at night or in low light environments.

Lists, tasks and reminders

  • The key elements of Microsoft To Do are the lists, the tasks that go into those lists and the reminders, tasks that have an expiration date and that will automatically notify us so as not to be late to deliver a document or attend a meeting.
  • As for the lists, we can create the ones we want, in addition to taking advantage of those created by the application itself to see what we have to do today and filter tasks by tasks with due date or tasks assigned to certain people.
  • It is also possible to view tasks in a list of favourites, to see the most important ones, or to simply personalize your organization with personalized lists.

Notes and attachments

  • To make the most of Microsoft To Do, in addition to the tasks, which consist of a short word or phrase, it is possible to attach files or take notes associated with those tasks.
  • Thus the tasks will have more value since in addition to indicating what it is we can attach links, associated documentation or a more precise description of the task.
  • If you do not know which application to use to organize yourself better, with Microsoft To Do you will achieve your goals in a simple way and from any device or platform, whether or not from Microsoft.